“With The Last Secret, Maia Caron firmly establishes herself as one of the most powerful, truthful and poetic voices in Canadian historical fiction.”

— Natalie Jenner

Internationally bestselling author of The Jane Austen Society and Bloomsbury Girls

The Last Secret

Penguin Random House Canada | In bookstores September 24, 2024

A sweeping, dazzling novel centering on two unforgettable women—a Ukrainian resistance fighter in 1944 Ukraine and a reclusive artist on Salt Spring Island in 1972—and their inextricable link to each other decades apart. For readers of Kate Quinn, Heather Marshall and Genevieve Graham.

Ukraine, 1944

As the world around her is ripped apart by war and infiltrated by Nazi soldiers, Savka Ivanets works as a medic for the Ukrainian resistance, stitching wounds by day, stealing supplies by night, and dodging firefights between the SS and Soviet partisans. Her husband Marko has been gone for years, first as a commander of the resistance and now as a reluctant member of the SS, and she lives each day fearing what will become of him and that she—or, worse, their young son Taras—will be taken hostage and tortured or killed.

Then Marko reappears in the darkness of night and after promising her and Taras an escape to safety after the war, gives Savka a coded message that he demands she deliver to an underground bunker. She protests—to leave her, a woman, to such a task is unimaginably dangerous—but, like in many parts of her life, she has no choice.

But Savka’s mission doesn’t go as planned, and Taras is kidnapped by the KGB and she’s shot, left for dead in the trees, and fearing she’ll never see her son again.

Salt Spring Island, 1972

Celebrated landscape artist Jeanie Esterhazy lives a quiet life on a waterfront estate on Salt Spring Island, hidden away from the world that, with its whispers and curious eyes, is too much for her to bear. Ever since the horrific accident on her wedding day years ago that left her scarred, Jeanie feels unlovable and utterly alone. She’s trapped in a battle of wills with her nurse, a tough and cruel woman who threatens to reveal the truth about Jeanie’s shocking part in her accident all those years ago.

Then a mysterious stranger appears at the house, and suddenly Jeanie begins having flashbacks that make her wonder if there’s more to the events of the night of her wedding than she’s been told; flashbacks that make her realize the world around her is not as it seems.

Weaving together Savka and Jeanie’s stories with artful precision, The Last Secret is at once luminous and transporting, a brilliant and impossible-to-forget story of love, hope, and the unwavering resilience of women.

Song of Batoche

Ronsdale Press | September 2017

A people’s struggle for rights to their land and identity, a woman’s fight for ownership of her body and soul.

The year is 1884. Batoche, North-West Territories is plagued by drought and political unrest. When Louis Riel arrives, he discovers that the rebellious outsider Josette Lavoie is a granddaughter of the famous chief Big Bear, whom he needs as an ally. But Josette resists becoming his disciple when she learns that Riel is locked in a blood feud with J.A. Macdonald, the corrupt Dominion leader, who wants the Métis lands for European settlers. In this raw wilderness on the brink of change, the lives of seven unforgettable characters intersect, each one with secrets: Louis Riel and his tortured wife Marguerite; a duplicitous Catholic priest; Gabriel Dumont and his dying wife Madeleine; a Hudson’s Bay Company spy; and the enigmatic Josette Lavoie. As the Dominion Army marches on Batoche, Josette and Gabriel Dumont are forced to manage Riel’s escalating religious fanaticism and a growing attraction to each other. Song of Batoche is a timeless story that explores the mysteries of faith and reason, obsession and madness, betrayal and love.